Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Description:   

It's Not About the Destination, It's About the Journey 

With Motivational Speaker Arisa Sharpe and Author of Mental Remedies for Positive Thinking. This workshop will discuss how every minute, day, week, month, and year in your life counts and so should you. Let's discuss ways to live a fulfilling life just by simply changing your way of thinking. Change your mindset, transform your life.  

Faith with Discernment and Faith vs Foolishness! 

With Evangelist Karen Lewis - This workshop will discuss faith and obedience in order in order to hear God's voice. 

Morning Miracle – Morning Prayer with Pastor Theodora White

Connecting the Dots 

With Sister Anita Ferguson - This workshop will discuss how nothing in your life is an accident. Nothing that you have ever done, achieved, worked for, accomplished and went through is a waste. God will use all of your experiences for His purpose. God will connect the dots and you will know exactly why you had to go through what you went through.

The Balancing Act 

With Sister Rebeka Morris - In the bible it says that we should seek God first in everything that we do, and that when we do this, everything else will fall into place (Matthew 6:33). This workshop will teach us how to balance the stressful things that are a part of everyday life. 

Women on The R.U.N.  for Jesus 

With Sister Helen - The purpose and the vision of Women on the R.U.N. for Jesus is to

· minister to the total woman (spirit, soul, and body);

· gather women from different ethnic backgrounds and Christian denominations;

· open the doors of communication through fellowship; and

· provide the tools necessary to become the women that God has called us to be.

Taking off The Mask 

With Reverend Shirery White - This workshop will discuss and teach us how to evaluate ourselves and our motives. And ways to be completely free of anything that might be holding us back from receiving all of God's blessings. 

Be the Authentic You That God Has Ordained You to Be! 

With Evangelist Emma Watson –God ordained us to be a certain way, but because of the situations we get ourselves into we find it hard to get back to that place. This workshop will discuss ways of how NOT to listen to the lies or traps that the enemy uses or sets for us, so that we can get back to living the life God ordained for us. 

Follow Peace 

With Evangelist Tanya Joseph - This workshop will discuss ways to follow peace in your life by rediscovering peace within your spirit, how to feel tranquility within yourself, hope, trust, quiet in mind, and soul. It's all about reconciliation with God! 

When Storms Enter Our Lives...Help! 

With Sister Byanca Davie - You may not understand your storm, but know for 

sure, that even in the middle of your raging emotions, you can find peace. This 

workshop will discuss ways to survive and find comfort when you are traveling 

through the storms of life. 

Spiritual Healing Through the 12 Steps! 

With Motivational Speaker/Sister Karen De Carlo - This workshop will discuss ways to heal through the 12 Steps! A spiritual journey for Christian women. 

Capturing Her Story 

With Author of Capturing Her Story, Sister Nadine Johnson – This workshop will discuss practical truths and spiritual advice on how to navigate through your circumstances and rise up to be all that God is calling you to be.


With Jasmine J, Moore - this workshop will provide you with the skills necessary to discover your purpose and offer you guardianship to Live in YOUR PURPOSE ON PURPOSE! As the presentation concludes, YOU will understand that you can be your own (s) hero by knowing the difference between mediocrity and excellence is your commitment to walking in your God Given Purpose!